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About the Ranch

We're a working horse ranch, ministry, and so much more.

Who We Are

We exist to share the love of Christ to the lost. Through the servanthood of our staff and the care and connection of our horses, we create a safe, welcoming environment for a culture desperately seeking truth.

What We Do

The ranch provides a place of refuge for the weary; a place of connection for the lonely; a place of learning for the willing. Our outreach touches the lives of those who have barriers that would otherwise prevent them from experiencing the incredible connection between people and horses. We demonstrate and teach service, stewardship, trust, and responsibility in a loving environment.

During summer camp, our visiting teens help clean and care for the horses, learn and practice a skill such as woodworking, and create a keepsake craft to remember their time at HOPR.

Our partnership with Lakeshore Adult Center allows  them to serve their vision in which individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities have the ability and opportunity to feel accomplished in their home, work, and communities. Their services provide a tremendous blessing to ranch as they tend to the horses and facilities.

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